dnf-langpacks plugin retired from F25

Last release we implemented new way of installing langpacks packages using RPM’s weak dependency feature. The dnf-langpacks plugin commands thus become not retire dnf langpacks plugin package called dnf-langpacks in rawhide(f25+).

Those who still want to know what is current way of installing language packages please check this test case page.

I have also submitted a pull request for fedora-comps to remove dnf-langpacks package from “standard” as well as “workstation-product” group.


DNF needs some new hook

While using dnf hooks in dnf-langpacks I found that there is no way to re-resolve a already resolved transaction in resolved() hook. What I am looking is that when a package set is prepared in transaction, I am going to read it and modify it. This modification is nothing but if a conditional package is selected for installation then for all enabled languages it’s translation packages will get installed. I wrote a code for that in resolved() hook and I can alter the transaction package set but as there is no re-resolve, it fails to complete the transaction with dependency issues.

I discussed this issue with dnf developers and they are really helpful in understanding my problem and aggreed that we need new hook for this problem. The bugzilla RFE is already open. Let’s wait for this new hook now.

If you want to know about dnf hooks then visit this http://dnf.readthedocs.org/en/latest/api_plugins.html page. For yum the hooks information is available at http://yum.baseurl.org/wiki/WritingYumPlugins page.


yum-langpacks updated to 0.4.4 release

Today, yum-langpacks-0.4.4 is released. This is basically a minor update but important for zh_CN locale people. It is observed that “yum langinstall zh_CN” does not pulling man pages package. When I looked into this issue, I found its actually the name of the man-pages package for zh_CN locale. The package is named as man-pages-zh-CN. The langpacks plugin work for standard locale names available in /usr/share/i18n/locales directory. Somehow this package I guess following publican locale name. I really hate to add special parsing cases like fixing this issue in langpacks plugin but if the problematic package owner not interested to fix then I have to fix to make sure langpacks plugin work fine.

Considering past experience with problematic package owners, some prefer to add virtual provides instead to rename the packages. But, we have now naming policy approved for this. Anyone adding translation packages in Fedora please use that policy.

dnf-langpacks-0.5.1 also released

After fixing yum-langpacks, I have fixed dnf-langpacks also and released as 0.5.1 version. This release also fixes similar bug in langpacks plugin for dnf. With this fix man-pages-zh-CN is listed for all required commands langinfo, langinstall and langremove. Please test this fix which is available in fedora 20, fedora 21 and rawhide and add karma to this package update.