i18n FAD, Pune

Last week we had our first i18n Fedora Activity Day (FAD) in Red Hat, Pune office. Two years back we had G11N FAD which included many different groups working together but this time we decided to have only i18n FAD to concentrate more on i18n development and quality engineering.

For this FAD we got 14 participants and six of them were from different parts of the world. We had FAD for 3 days (20-22 Nov).


We start this day with the introductions where every participant introduced and talked about their work and what they want to achieve by attending this FAD.  This first day attendee’s presented their work on various different topics. We got seven such topics.


The first topic was fonts and rendering where Tagoh-san discussed upcoming development for fontconfig , fonts-tweak-tool and revisiting for default font for CJK. Next Peng Wu discussed plans about enhanced Unicode support in Pango. Takao Fujiwara discussed his work for ibus 1.6 release and emoji support.

We then had a lunch break. Then Mike Fabian presented new work in ibus-typing-booster and emoji-picker demo. Rafal then presented brief his work on locales. One of the important thing i18n team working is Transtats project for which Sundeep Anand then presented transtats demo. I then presented transtats-cli demo which is a tool to parse json data coming from server. Sundeep then discussed his plans for upcoming transtats project.

We got QE people as well presenting their work. Sachin presented testing using Selenium and Allure. Pravin Satpute presented fonts testing then Pooja Yadav presented input method testing work. Few more QE people presented their work on Fedora test day. Lastly Vishal presented i18n web testing.

We had a really good day today where all people presented their work and their plans for next two days of FAD.


We started early today. The attendee’s interested in common topics formed the groups and started working on their plans.  I worked on creating fonts audit list where license and other metadata information is extracted from actual installed font file.  This information is now updated for Fedora 27 on this wiki page.  There is another wiki page created for license matrix for Fedora 27 fonts.  I then worked on helping with task of updating the font package rpm spec templates. Last month only I got fontpackages upstream project migrated to pagure.io hosting. I submitted PR that updated long time pending changes that reflected current packaging guidelines.

Other groups keep working on their tasks. We then had some evening activity followed by dinner.



On this day we continued our work from previous day. Thanks to Tagoh-san for quickly reviewing the PR I submitted for fontpackages and provided inputs which got fixed quickly and that PR also got merged upstream. Now next task is to clean some more code and maybe release new upstream tarball.

Post lunch we had a Fedora 27 release party organized by few of us with the help of Pune office site team. We did a cake cutting followed by discussion on Fedora 27 release, Modularity project, need of having regular Fedora meetups locally.

At the time of evening we concluded FAD after everyone gave a demo of their work and decided to continue our work in the respective upstream projects.

Overall we had a really great FAD and we got opportunity to have QE people this time with us where we worked together on some topics.


Thanks to Fedora Council for approving this FAD budget and Bex for helping us with all kinds of budget issues. I am thankful to other organizers Pravin and Sundeep for helping with many things required for this FAD. I am thankful to Jens as well for reviewing the FAD budget and organization of this FAD. Also, thanks to Red Hat Pune Site for providing us space to host this FAD.



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