2016 Day 2

Second day ( 6th March 2016) started with the Keynote by Timothee Giet on “Krita for everyone”. Timothee talked about Krita features. He showed some of the pictures, demo and video created in Krita. I find it really awesome tool for creating animation. Pradeepto tried to record the video here.


The next talk was by Bhushan Shah on “Mentoring programs with KDE” where Bhushan explained about how he got into KDE contribution and then participated in SoK and how he became mentor for SoK. He also explained students about GSoC program.


The next talk was by Rajdeep Kaur on “GCompris InBuilt Features” who has contributed the classical hangman activity for GCompris. She explained how to contribute activity to GCompris.


The next talk was by Boudhayan Gupta on “Git Under KDE” where he explained about and his devops experience in maintaining kde infrastructure. Then we break for lunch.


The next talk was Sanjiban Bairagya on “Play with Marble” where he showed Marble application and his contribution to it which was implementing interactive tours in Marble in GSoC.

The next talk was by Garvit Khatri on “Introduction about LabPlot” where he talked about his work on integration of cantor (a front-end to powerful mathematics and statistics packages) with LabPlot. This work done was his GSoC project.


The next talk was by Ashish Bansal on “Introduction to KDE Connect” where he talked about KDE Connect and the plugin to find the mobile phone.

Then Rishabh just talked about the incoming search feature in GCompris. Then Siddesh explained about how QML animation are easy to make by showing his work on Gcompris.

Then Pradeepto, someone from organizer team and Professor Ravi sir gave the closing conference speech. Pradeepto talked about some core KDE contributors from India. He told about their contributions and how they grow in their career. Pradeepto then thanked to all the involved people in making this conference successful including college faculty, organizers, volunteers.


We then moved to open space inside college campus and talked with each other. I got a few students with whom I discussed about my Fedora contribution experience. I had a nice talk with Timothee where he shared how he got involved in his Krita work and in general linux and open source world.

We then moved to the guest house for more discussions and had a early dinner with the faculty members including the Director Sir and organizers of the conference as me and Pradeepto was having a flight to catch. We got a conference T-shirt from the college at the time of leaving the college campus.

Bruno also gave some of us GCompris T-shirts and Timothee gave postcard prints of some image created in Krita. I am glad that I met these awesome contributors and got to know about their journey in their projects.

And the most important person for this conference was Sagar Chand Agarwal. Many thanks to him and his team for taking so much effort in making this conference a success. Many thanks to Pradeepto and Bhushan Shah as well who was also core members for organizing this conference.

Photo credit goes to Shivam and Sagar. I picked some of the photos in this post from their conference album.


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