Hyperkitty :- New mailing list interface

Recently most of the Fedora mailing lists have moved to new web interface called Hyperkitty. The migration looks completed for many mailing lists except some of lists which are using some filtering.

If I remember correctly then its five months before when the first mailing list that got this new web interface. For me the interface looked always confusing compared to previous mailing list interface. Since I started to use it I found few issues which I reported to upstream.

The most important thing for me was to how to login and access my subscribed mailing lists. When I chose to login using FAS, I get no subscribed mailing list. This is because I have no lists subscribed from my @fedoraproject.org email alias and to login using your email id you need to either sign in using Mozilla Persona or Yahoo ID. Due to this I started disliking this change. Then after a bit of browsing using FAS id, I found one place where we can add email id’s. I use two different email id’s for Fedora lists. I added my gmail id and found that subscribed mailing list names appeared under page. Then I added another email id and now I got all the subscribed mailing lists there. This looked to me really helpful now.

I have now reported this add email issue to upstream. In the current interface there is no help message that says why should one add email id and what is the use of it? I need to figure that on my own to understand above thing.

Remember if anyone want to report some issues or file rfe for this changed web interface then you need to remember that there are actually 2 different projects exists here. Any issue you see for lists.fp.o/admin/* is related to Postorius project and for any issue you see for lists.fp.o/archives/* is related to Hyperkitty project.


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