G11N FAD report Day3

The last day of FAD has come and we continued hackathon with some new topics. I have created few languages Workstation live spins for quick testing of Fedora 23 release. The reason we are interested in Language spins is that L10N people can quickly test the Fedora releases. Sometimes it happens that people testing releases don’t want to go through installation so Live media is a good option for them to quickly test their language translations. We are thinking some automation of creating quick language spins using langpacks plugin. Hope to see some work done on this soon.

I also participated in the discussion of determining important packages for L10N with Noriko, Ani and Michelle. I worked on re-prioritizing the list of tier1 packages for upcoming Fedora 24 development cycle. We will soon see its updated on wiki pages and in Zanata as well.

The time went fast in discussions and works we done for last 3 days. Though time had come to close the FAD, we still thought if we could have got some more time to touch few other topics.

We then concluded our last day with every group giving a short summary of their work done in this FAD. I feel really good that by coming together we got some issues resolved, some got progress in their discussions. We also prepared a list of tasks to be done in Fedora 24 development cycle. We are now excited to resume our work on those tasks and finish it as soon as possible.

I would like to thank Fedora Council for approving budget for Globalization FAD. Also, I want to thank Red Hat, Tokyo office for providing us space to host our FAD event. Then I want to thank Jens Petersen, Pravin Satpute and Akira Tagoh-san for doing excellent work in organizing this FAD, without you guys it was not possible to have this FAD. Thanks to all other members who attended this FAD and make this a successful event.

I am leaving tomorrow and hope to meet soon again at some event in future.


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