G11N FAD report Day2

Welcome to Second day!! Rain welcome us all today. It rained heavily since early morning. We met directly in Red Hat office as it was working day. Today we started with a Hangout with Matthew Miller (FPL) and then we continued with hackathon topics since yesterday.


 I worked with Anish on WordWebEdit. Most work on this is done by Anish. Thanks to him for developing such nice application to correct the words spelling. I helped Anish in testing his application.

It is still under development and not completely ready but soon we will see it complete.


I then continued with Fedora language spins topic. I found that spin-kickstarts has got a bug in it which is preventing generating live media images. I temporarily removed affecting line from kickstart file and used this to generate live media images. There were two solutions with me. One to add manually language packages to fedora-live-workstation-xx.ks file where xx is respective language code I used. Another one to trigger langpacks plugin but that will just install langpacks for their base packages selected already for installation.

Another group had a discussion on Fedora G11N Governance which we really needed now after we formed G11N group. There keeps coming some requests regarding choosing particular font or input method as a preference to some language, some translations related issues. Then organizing events related to G11N activities all over the world. For this we need some committee to track these issues.

More details will be coming soon.

We had Japanese lunch boxes today in our afternoon meal.


Then I had discussion with some other group on improving translations quality. This involved changing the Fedora development cycle milestone of software translation deadline to somewhere post Beta freeze actually. This may help in having most of translations available in Final Freeze releases only. More input/feedback is welcome on its ticket.

I had another discussion on topic language support matrix with Pravin. We thought it will be good to use existing pages and re-align them when we add contents to G11N wiki pages. We will be adding remaining language information on new Fedora G11N wiki soon.

It was a long day for everyone us. We concluded our day with the dinner together.


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