Alternative options to pdftk package

I occasionally need to extract pages from pdf files. Until Fedora 20 it was a easy way to extract pdf pages using pdftk but now as pdftk is retired I started looking alternative option in Fedora 21 but could not find a simple tool like pdftk. But then while searching on google, I find this nice old page that described different ways to extract pages.

So, I tested page extraction using pdftops and gs and both are working fine on Fedora 21. Example if I need to extract first 2 pages of any pdf then I will use pdftops as

pdftops input.pdf  – | psselect -p1-2 | ps2pdf14 – output.pdf

The pdftk tool was having easy to use options but as we can see on this page, the simpler alternative is pdftops compared to gs command now. Hope to see more easy command to extract pages similar to pdftk in future.




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