Copr has external network enabled during build

I was not knowing that copr has external network enabled during build. This makes any external sources can be fetched while doing build on copr. But we have no network enabled on Koji. This created problem for me. When I do fontforge update in Fedora for the same spec that build fontforge successfully on copr rawhide,  koji build failed to download needed external uthash source. Then Miroslav Suchý told me on IRC that copr have external network enabled as many users demanded for it since copr exists. In copr third party repository are enabled by default. Dennis Gilmore then explained for koji that “we don’t allow any external network access as builds are not reproducible if they need to get anything from anywhere”.

Stephen Gallagher then proposed that when a new copr repository is created let the user have option to enable/disable networking. He has filed the RFE in bug. Good to know these details about networking in koji and copr build servers.



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