Day 4 at Flock 2014

The fourth day started and I was thinking that I still have not met some people and decided to meet more people by end of the day.

The first talk I attended today was “New features of rpm and dnf” where Jan Zeleny has explained first about new features developed in rpm-4.12 release. He told that yum is now in maintenance mode so people should test dnf and report any bugs against dnf only. He then explained plans for the future dnf development.
I had to miss “Secure Programming Practices” the talk as I was more interested in “DNF” talk.

Then the next talk I attended was “Security Code Audit 101” where Michael Scherer talked about why we need security audit, what is CVE and how to spot security issues in source code. The talk contained more slides but not informative mostly one liners per slide.
Again here I had to miss another interesting topic “State of ARM and aarch64 in Fedora” but we have session video already available on youtube so no issues.

The next talk I attended was “Fully Automated Static Analysis of Fedora Packages” where Kamil Dudka talk about static analyzers available in Fedora. I got to know the usage of cppcheck and clang command. Then he explained how to read static analysis result in HTML format. Then another tool csmock for fully automatic static analysis of SRPMs. He then discussed about future plans like writing additional plugins for other programming languages for static analysis.

I then take a break and just roam around to meet different people and discuss things related to them like some of the sponsors, ambassadors in Fedora.

The last session for today I attended was “GNOME newcomers workshop” where Marina showed us how to contribute to GNOME project. Owen gave information about GNOME environment, what are different GUI components available in it. Then Marina gave a short newcomer tutorial where we fixed a runtime issue in a javascript source code. We also joined in #gnome-love channel on GIMPNet IRC server.

That concluded last day of Flock.

Flock helped me to have opportunity to have personal interaction with some of the people. I got to know almost many things related to Fedora about where it is now and where are we going in future. I will also try to contribute to these new developments (new Fedora products) happening in Fedora.

I am very much thankful to Ruth Suehle for arranging me another flight ticket due to visa issue I faced and for the very good arrangements (like hotel accommodation, lunch, evening party) done for the Flock event. Also thanks to Paul Frields, Tom Callaway, Miro Hrončok, Jaroslav Reznik and the volunteers who made Flock event successful this year. Looking forward for the next Flock 2015!!


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