Day 3 at Flock 2014

The first talk I attended today was “Fedora i18n: Past, Present, Future” by Jens Petersen. He spoke about what i18n is then about encodings, locales, fonts, various input method we got in Fedora. Then Jens showed i18n usage in anaconda installer as well as in gnome-initial-setup. Then he spoke about i18n tools and future plans of i18n team in Fedora.

The next talk I attended was “Fedora Infrastructure present to future” where Kevin Fenzi spoke about Infrastructure team’s short term plans, long term plans and their projects. Nice to see many good projects are done and under development by Fedora Infrastructure team. Fedmsg, HyperKitty, Taskotron and Bodhi2 are the latest development. Kevin also spoke about Apprentice program for sysadmins. Thanks to Infrastructure team’s work which continuously keep various Fedora applications working successfully.

The next talk I attended was “Fedora.Next Joint Session” by Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader. He spoke about features then all the 5 working group leaders come and explained about their mission and a discussion further happened based on Q&A by attendees.

We had the lunch at the same place again. I did find the vegetable soup a bit more spicy.

The next talk I attended was “Building an application installer from the ground up” where Richard Hughes spoke about gnome-software and need for appdata files for packages that installs desktop files. Then he showed us how to use appstream-util to validate appdata xml file. Then a demo about how gnome-software can be used, a relation between gnome-software and Fedora Tagger application. Very much informative talk as I need to write appdata for my packages.

The next session I attended was “Make tools with fedmsg Systemd Hackfest” where I got a nice introduction on how to write tools with Fedmsg project which I am actually following since its fedmsg-bot got added into fedora-fedmsg IRC channel. Ralph Bean gave people simple scripts to try and use the data collected for fedmsg consumption. He then spoke about fedmsg-notify which I also already using on my desktop. Then we did a simple Twitter bot using fedmsg where badges when awarded are getting announced on your twitter feed. I too have some ideas to develop own fedmsg clients, will do that once I get some free time. This was also one of my favourite topic that I got to attend. Thanks to Ralph for developing Fedmsg project. It is also helping to track our own work in Fedora 🙂

I had a quick discussion about dnf development with Jan Zeleny. One of my main interest to attend Flock was to meet dnf developers team and discuss how further dnf development is going and resolving some of my queries and Jan happily provided me needed information.

The Last session was “Packages Review Hackfest” which is conducted by me and Haikel. I started with small presentation explaining what are the important things that a reviewers should check while doing package reviews. Then Haikel did a quick people count by their proven-packager, sponsor, packager, reviewer status and asked if anyone have any issues for doing reviews they can ask. The hackfest continued till the Flock organizers came to lock the room as it was the last session. We found less people who actually needed package reviews, maybe because its a last session 😉


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