Day 2 at Flock 2014

The first talk I attended was “Review Server: Package Reviews without Bugzilla” where Pierre proposed a new idea to have more automated way for doing package reviews. The idea is good and next step to fedora-review tool but still I see we need some manual checks which cannot be automated. Some implementation part though I don’t like much but certainly such idea is very much welcome. Looking forward to see this developed soon and people started using it but still I will say its not good to mandate this in its initial roll-out and let the manual way of bugzilla for package reviews will be open.

The next talk I attended was “UEFI: The Great Satan and you”. Adam Williamson spoke about UEFI, how is older BIOS used to work, how to identify machine is UEFI and how to write USB stick with EFI support.

The next talk I attended was “Keynote: Novena: Building a laptop from scratch” where Sean Cross spoke about the Novena project, building the fully Open Source laptop from scratch. He spoke about problems they faced and how they fixed it and future plans about it.

We had the lunch at the same place. Had a different cold-drink today to drink.

The next talk I attended was “Meet your FESCo” where I got to first time see all the nine FESCo members. The session was basically discussion and every member talked about Fedora future developments and answered to questions from attendees. One of the informative session I found in Flock.

I took a break and met my colleagues to discuss about future plans of development in our team.

The last talk of the day I attended was “ Planning for Fedora 22” by Stephen Gallagher where discussion happened on what will be good to have in Fedora 22 and what are things that not good in Fedora currently.

We then had an evening event on the boat ride with drinks and dinner. It started few minutes late as per scheduled time but saw a great view of surrounding places while on a boat ride of the Prague city. Here we met some new people, discussed common technical things amongst us. It went around 2 hours and then we back to hotel around 11 pm.


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