Day 1 at Flock 2014

The keynote was scheduled at 8.45 am so we took breakfast at the hotel and left around 8.00 am as we need to do registrations before the start of the Keynote. Unfortunately the registration desk was not ready and we were asked to go for the Keynote session. It was a full packed session. The Keynote session started with a short welcome note from Fedora project leader Mathew Miller. Then a talk from Gijs Hillenius who is a journalist on Free and Open Source software in Europe. He spoke on how different countries in Europe faced problems in the acceptance of open source software and how they are wasting money on using the proprietary software.

Then I and some people went to registration desk and got registered ourselves for the Flock conference!!

The next talk I attended was “Better Presentation of fonts in Fedora”. Pravin explained that we have got many fonts in Fedora now but they are not categorised well for users so he proposed a new project which will show you all the fonts available in Fedora 20. User can search fonts by language tag, script tag and family name. I liked this project as we were not having any such way to find information about fonts in Fedora. Soon a testing fonts feature will also be available there.

The next talk I attended was “Where’s Wayland?” where Mathias Clasen spoke about GNOME on Wayland. Wayland is already available in F21 but it is not yet default and continuously getting updates as the development happens in upstream. He explained history, current status, pros and cons of Wayland.

Then we had a nice lunch at a place which was few blocks away from the conference venue.

The next talk I attended was “Wayland Input Status” where Hans De Goede spoke about existing problem about having every desktop environment its own input stack. Solution to this is libinput which is unified input stack for all desktop environments. The libinput will get its stable ABI by its next release. Then there was some slides explaining the differences between Xorg and libput drivers.

The next talk I attended was “Predictive Input Methods” where Mike Fabian and Anish Patil spoke about existing problems in input methods and solution to this is predictive input methods and how they are beneficial. Then a demo on how to use predictive input method.

The next talk I attended was “Release Engineering and You” where Dennis Gilmore spoke about how much effort goes on releasing Fedora every six months and with this effort is going to increase with multi-fold and it require more hands.

The next talk I attended was “Advocating” where Chris Wickert spoke about umbrella initiative. He explained why we needed aka F21 which will have 3 different products Fedora Server, Fedora Workstation, Fedora Cloud. He then spoke about mission statements of all the 5 working groups. This is really a nice session for those who want to know what Fedora’s next releases are based on.

Me and Pravin my hotel room-mate then went to hotel room, drop our bags and went for the Pub Party. It was a nice party with food and met some new people there. That concluded our first day.


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