Day 0 at Flock 2014

Finally I arrived in the Prague city on Tuesday morning around 9.15 am. The morning was pleasant on the Prague airport. Pravin was coming from the later flight so I wait for him on the airport. After 2 hours Pravin arrived we did exchange Euro to Czech Koruna and purchased a 3 day ticket. The 119 bus stop was just outside of the terminal2. The bus came in 5 minutes. Here we need to validate our ticket before starting a journey so we punched the ticket inside the bus. The bus reached destined Dejvická stop in 20 minutes. We already saw Hotel Diplomat from the bus. The hotel was nice. They first thought we have regular booking and denied the check-in. We asked them we have Redhat booking. Then they allowed to check-in after completing formalities. Got the hotel room next to some of our colleague’s room. It was already afternoon and we were hungry. We went outside for lunch and found KFC just few steps away from hotel. We ate there and back to hotel and had some sleep. We then met Huzaifas and Praveenkumar. By the evening time Jens, Anish, Mike also came to Prague. We then had a dinner and back to hotel around 10.00 pm. Here in Prague city you will find day still bright (sun light) till 9.00 pm.


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